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Pink Beaded Boho Necklace with Bee

Handmade by Frolic Stones this pink beaded neckalce has a metal bee with a Greek eye painted on it - truly an original. Made with an adjustable string fastener.

White String Necklace with Blue Murano Glass Pendant

This Boho adjustable, white string necklace by Frolic Stone has a tear shaped Murano Glass pendant that shows the Greek eye, it also has a hand with the hindu eye symbol. Handmade in Greece.

Feeling Great Blue String Bracelet

Metallic blue string bracelet that says "Feeling Great' with a picture of a cocktail glass. Handmade in Greece by Teal Heart - this is an adjustable bracelet.

Grey Handmade String Bracelet – “Where is the Boat Going”

This bracelet is made by "Teal Heart" in Greece - it is grey string with adjustable closure and has a round metal plate that says ΠΟΥ ΠΑΣ ΚΑΡΑΒΑΚΙ with a small picture of a boat which means Where is your boat going? A piece of Greek beauty and language that you can take home.