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Hello Greece, Feta, Yogurt, Honey and Tomatoes Post Card

Designed by local Athens artist Lila Ruby King, this unique postcard lets you take these Greek products home with you!

Balla Ceramic Plates in 3 designs

These unique plates are made in Greece by Balla Ceramics. Take a piece of Greece home with you!

Unique Balla Ceramic Coasters – 5 designs

These unique ceramic coasters handmade in Greece by Balla Ceramics are perfect for taking that Greek holiday feeling home with you.

Unique Greek Balla Ceramic Pebbles – large size – in 5 designs

These Balla pebbles are famous for invoking that Greek holiday feeling all year long! Use them on your desk as a paperweight or in your bathroom or on a shelf - you will always be reminded of Greece. Handmade in Patras, Greece by the Balla company.

Handmade Blue Bead Necklace with Murano Glass Greek Eye Pendant

Handmade in Greece by Frolic Stone this exquisite blue bead necklace has a Murano glass Greek eye pendant and a yellow bead. Wear long or short with adjustable fastener.

Feeling Great Blue String Bracelet

Metallic blue string bracelet that says "Feeling Great' with a picture of a cocktail glass. Handmade in Greece by Teal Heart - this is an adjustable bracelet.

Grey Handmade String Bracelet – “Where is the Boat Going”

This bracelet is made by "Teal Heart" in Greece - it is grey string with adjustable closure and has a round metal plate that says ΠΟΥ ΠΑΣ ΚΑΡΑΒΑΚΙ with a small picture of a boat which means Where is your boat going? A piece of Greek beauty and language that you can take home.

Agate Bracelet in Earth Colors- elasticized

All our most beautiful natural colors are found in this stunning bracelet, blue, aquamarine, white, cream, shades of brown and gold. Made in Greece

Pink Semi Precious Stone Bracelet

This bracelet is made from diaphanous semi precious stones and is made in Greece. Light on the wrist and a beautiful translucent color.