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Gold and Green Beaded Necklace with Rotating Metal Anvils

This medium length necklace has rotating metal anvil shapes that look very interesting. The top half of the necklace is solid gold beads and the bottom half is alternating green and gold beads.

White and Gold Coin Necklace

This very unusual and interesting piece has rotating coins that always fall in different patterns around your neck. It fits well with layering other necklaces. It has gold beads on the top half and white and gold alternating beads with the rotating coins.

Pink Beaded Boho Necklace with Bee

Handmade by Frolic Stones this pink beaded neckalce has a metal bee with a Greek eye painted on it - truly an original. Made with an adjustable string fastener.

Half and Half Design- Turquoise and Gold Beaded Necklace

Half and Half - Turquoise and Gold beaded necklace - Long enough for doubling up - 64 cm length

White String Necklace with Blue Murano Glass Pendant

This Boho adjustable, white string necklace by Frolic Stone has a tear shaped Murano Glass pendant that shows the Greek eye, it also has a hand with the hindu eye symbol. Handmade in Greece.